Director's message

Reshaping pathways to capital

Moazam Khan (BSc ’16, MBET ‘17)

Director, Velocity health. Co-founder, Curiato (Velocity ‘15)

Moazam Khan (Centre) meets with founders Aidan Tinafar (L) and Alexander Klenov (R)

Securing capital is increasingly challenging for founders, especially in the early, pre-seed stages of a company’s growth. Investors, whether venture capital or angels, now often demand proof of traction right from the start rather than investing just based on the team and the quality of the business idea. This shift has placed significant pressure on founders, who must demonstrate – without funding – their business idea’s viability through intellectual property development, technology development milestones, clinical trial work, customer engagement and sales — even more so in health and deep tech sectors known for lengthy research and development and sales cycles.

At Velocity, we understand these challenges intimately. We are dedicated to founder success during these crucial early stages and our programming and partnerships are engineered to reflect that. Our comprehensive support system includes a robust partnership network to help validate ideas, gain market insights, navigate fundraising, kick-start commercialization, and expand intellectual property portfolios.

By developing a support ecosystem that helps to validate business and technology, coupled with programming that instills the entrepreneurial mindset, we are looking to shift the early stage investment landscape in Canada to compete with the rest of the world. Consider the health technology sector, a highly regulated field with extensive sales cycles. With Velocity’s support in 2023, over 40 early-stage health companies collectively raised $70 million in capital and achieved $36 million in sales, while expanding their IP and creating new jobs. Our commitment to foundational validation support has enabled founders to gain this momentum.