Unblocking technology commercialization.

Parisa Sadatmousavi (PhD ’14)

Product Development and Biosafety Manager, Velocity

Parisa Sadatmousavi talks with Karen Laver, laboratory technician at Velocity.

Many founders come to Velocity aiming to turn highly innovative technologies into products. Transforming a prototype or research into items people buy is very complex work. It is simpler when you can engage people who have commercialized before or who are embarking on the same journey, and you can learn from each other. However, it’s impossible without facilities and access to technical expertise and resources.

Over the years, as part of a comprehensive framework that encompasses mentorship and a suite of resources, Velocity has intentionally grown and outfitted its physical product development spaces. These are workshops, labs and assembly areas that are operated and housed by Velocity to enable and accelerate productization. Our new home at the Innovation Arena is leveled-up: it includes 1,800 sq. metres of purpose-built product development space, expanding our ability to streamline technology commercialization.

Velocity’s product development spaces are a complement to the highly specialized academic labs on campus. Velocity spaces are interdisciplinary by necessity as almost all physical products integrate technology from several disciplines. By creating a facility designed to develop physical products, Velocity is offering a critical resource to streamline turning prototypes from students and research into boxed products ready to be shipped to early customers. At the University of Waterloo one can traverse the full lifecycle of innovation: from idea to initial sales.