Founder message

The transformative value of nurturing startups.

Youssef Helwa

Chief Executive Officer and co-founder FluidAI Medical. Formerly NERv Technology Inc. (Velocity ’14)

Youssef Helwa presents at a 2023 founder dinner.

As one of the original founders within the Velocity science program back in 2015, and subsequently integrating into the Velocity Garage incubator, FluidAI (Formerly NERv Technology) stands as a testament to the transformative value of Velocity’s ecosystem for burgeoning startups.

FluidAI proudly acknowledges its partnership with Velocity, recognizing the pivotal role it has played in our trajectory. Through Velocity’s support, FluidAI successfully secured its first financing through a pre-seed funding round totaling approximately $1.3 million, a milestone that proved instrumental in propelling our growth and development to our stage today.

Since then, FluidAI has been able to secure more than $27 million in financing and significant revenue from deploying hundreds of devices to patients locally and globally. FluidAI’s platform is focused on solutions that enable data-driven solutions for patients.

Central to our journey has been access to Velocity’s and the University of Waterloo’s laboratory facilities. This access has been important in advancing the research and development of our groundbreaking medical device, laying the groundwork for future clinical trials and market implementation across some of the largest clinical institutions.

Beyond financial backing, Velocity provides a nurturing environment that fosters innovation, collaboration and strategic guidance to young companies, all of which are essential elements for navigating the complexities of startup entrepreneurship.